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Our extremely flexible tasking and pricing policy is what sets Sinister apart from the average service provider. We don't have stiff service packages with a fixed price that charge you with unnecessary expenses. Instead you will be able to determine what options fit your needs best with one of our versed controllers that will provide you with a pricing devoid of anything expendable.
We handle your order discrete, so you don't have to bother with possible consequences that may or may not be of a violent nature.

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Annihilate Your Problems
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Military Services

Our organization sports a military branch composed of experienced members and veterans from all around the galaxy. We've got specialists for space combat, ground operations as well as special weapons handling on the staff, providing you with a unit for everything. We will provide you with made-to-order services ranging from escort to annihilation missions. Our upper-class services are not accommodated to UEE laws in any way and Sinister Inc. will take full responsibility for every violation you may have ordered from us. Furthermore we committed ourselves to discretion when it comes to "special" tasks, except of course if you want to make some noise.

Yep, we do that too
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Economic Services

No matter if you need a resource supplier, a product distributor or a marketing counselor, we've got specialists with years of experience from free economy. Even if we don't gather the resources you want or aren't represented on the market you need us in, we're willing to expand if you're entering a long-time partnership with us. Inequitable business strategies are nothing our marketing department could not cope with and is closely working together with our military branch in that regard. No matter of what size or kind your organization is, we will give everyone a fair share of the profit and take every opinion into account equally.

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Our company's backbone

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.

Do you prefer taking action over talking? Are you experienced in space combat or ground warfare? Then you're a perfect fit for our military branch! You can be deployed in either our naval or ground section. The naval section is responsible of power projection throughout the galaxy, protecting clients and taking out targets, which reach from single spaceships to entire fleets. The ground section is mostly deployed on the naval sections ships and working together with them very closely. Their tasks include seizure of planetary facilities, defence of Sinister's ships and installations as well as low profile operations.

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The fleet is the backbone and major employer at Sinister Inc., performing most of the tasks the board or our clients issue. Featuring ships of every size and specialization, we can conduct any operation and respond to anything we might be faced with. We do not restrict our pilots in any way, allowing them to use whatever equipment they want, providing us with a great variety of options in battle. From space superiority to orbital bombings, the fleet covers up a great amount of our operational profile.
The ground forces are in charge of seizing planetary facilities and boarding hostile ships, making them the ones getting the highest kill counts. They work together closely with the fleet and and make up a good number of Sinister Inc.'s armed forces. This sections members are mostly not dedicated infantrymen, but parts of the fleet that are set up temporarily for these kind of tasks. Even though the ground forces might not be as crucial to our cause as the fleet, they still represent a powerful force to be reckoned with.
Members of the Special Task Group distinguish themselves from the regular soldiers greatly. They are not bound to space or ground combat and operate mostly independent. They are divided into units of roughly squadron size and are experts in their metier. Long range reconnaissance, infiltration, sabotage and electronic warfare are only some of the special units responsibilities. Only the best men working at Sinister Inc. get a chance to be part of this very challenging section.

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